A320 Guide

This project started with a phrase: "I wrote a book and I want to create a beautiful app with all functionalities I want". And that was all the requirements at that moment. Our first step was to figure out all functionalities needed. So we started discussing them in a messenger and after a few iterations, we conducted a brainstorming session which ended up with a high-level mockup.

After the requirements were clear we created a detailed design and started development with rapid demos to stay on the same page. After several releases, we got a working app in the App Stores. First feedback has shown that we met the expectations of our users. But the work has not ended at this moment. We monitored analytics and user behavior and based on it made a few more improvements and optimizations.

The app is up and running now, and constantly generating revenue.

  • News feed
  • Chapters list
  • Articles with rich text, images and videos
  • Articles configurator
  • Premium access
  • In-app purchases
  • Push notifications

  • Adalo
  • Make
  • Mixpanel